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Brave Lipstick – Mac Cosmetics

Hello my beloved readers,

I really hope this post finds you well.

Today I'll be writing about one of my obsession lately, LIPSTICKS.

Even though it is almost summer time, the colorful and bright season, lately I notice most of my girls out there are wearing NUDE lipstick, maybe it is because of the gorgeous Kylie Jenner, and her beautiful lips? Maybe…..

In my case I'm a big lover of Mac Cosmetics lipsticks and I have various shades, but the one I wear most it is BRAVE. You know that a lipstick that goes with every clothes, event, occasion and it is delicate but not pale? In my opinion it is the perfect NUDE for all kinds of skin tons.

brave by silviasanches

As with most MAC satin formulated lipsticks I have found this to be a little drying and do recommend that those with dry or flaky lips prep with a lip scrub and a balm before application.

brave2 by silviasanches

According to Mac Cosmetics website the color of Brave lipstick it is a Pink-beige with pearl. I agree, but I would say that also it has a brownish undertone on it. 


brave 3 by silviasanches

As you can see on the picture below, I am very pale, and even the lipstick being very nude, it still showing some color on my lips.

None of the picture has filter. 


brave4 by silvisanches


I really hope you like this post; please make sure to leave a comment below with your opinion, or suggestions for next posts.

Thank you for passing by today!




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2 respostas para “Brave Lipstick – Mac Cosmetics”

  1. Marido disse:

    You get so sexy wearing this lipstick! Adoro

  2. Iris Lopes disse:

    Linda sempre!" eheh


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