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Lancome – Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30

Hello my Beloved readers,

As I age, I started to worry more about my skin and specially my face, that's why I also started to invest more in high brand products.

Today's post is about an moisturize product I've loved, that gives to your skin all the benefits that are written on the packaging.

Here in Canada it is summer right now, and the humidity lately it is been driving us crazy, no make-up and no hair stays in place, that’s why I don’t like to wear heavy products, specially on my face, because as soon as you step out, you start melt it.

With a very light texture this moisturize it is saving my life, because it doesn’t interferes on my daily makeup routine, and leaves my skin soft and it gets absorbs very quickly. The antioxidants make my skin looking healthier and also because it has FPS 30 on it I get safe with the UVA and UVB protection . Amazing!!!!

It is perfect for lazy people who doesn’t want to apply moisturize and after that FPS, with this product you have everything in a bottle.



The smell it is ok for me, but there are some people who hates it, but as you may know Lancôme has a fragrance on all their products, and honestly this is something that it doesn’t bothers me, but for people who has sensitive skin, it is better stay away from this products, the fragrance can burn your face.

My skin is normal to dry and this product works fine for me, honestly speaking I don’t think this product would be good for people who have oilskin,, because it a little grease and can cause you some breakouts/ pimples.

I really hope you liked the post, and if you have any suggestion of products to be review by me, please leave your comment below.

See you next week,




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