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Laura Mercier – Silk Crème Foundation

Hello my beloved readers,

I really hope this post finds you well.

Here in Ontario the temperatures are getting higher and higher and when it come to hot days makeup in most of women vocabulary it is something out of question, right?

I agree with you that some days are so hot that the only thing you want to do is nothing, but we can not forget that it is at this time of the year that a lot of events happens, as graduation parties, weddings, and other celebrations, so thinking about this issue, I decide to right about a foundation that I love and always save me on hot days or special occasions where you must be beautiful and confident with yourself and specially your make-up.

laura mercier

I have combination skin, and every time I have a special event that I need full coverage this foundation it is my go-to. Just a little bit of it is all you need to cover up any imperfection and even up your skin! It makes your skin look flawless! 


The picture above has no filter, I am not wearing facial primer, and as you can see my skin is not cakey, and as you may notice I have melasma and this foundation covers really nice my dark spots.

The negative side for this product it is price, CAD 58,00 and also I was informed that this product it is discontinued, but you still can find to buy at companies website to buy it. According to their site the only change was the packaging, but a lot  I saw a lot of reviews of people complaining they also change the formula.

If you know more about this product or the new formula, please leave your comment below, I would love to know it.

Thank you passing by today,



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3 respostas para “Laura Mercier – Silk Crème Foundation”

  1. Eduardo disse:

    Cfm solicitado, página acessada. Acho que vai entender que seu post não é exatamente o tipo de informação que domino ou gosto né?



    • Silvia Sanches disse:



      Que bom te ver por aqui, fiquei muito feliz com seu comentário, mesmo que você não enteda ou goste do assunto, eu aprecio demais o seu tempo em vier aqui e deixar um recadinho.

      Obrigada mesmo!



  2. Iris Lopes disse:

    Bela foto:

    Legal e linda!


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