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Nails – Avon – Barely There

Hello my beloved readers,

I really hope this post finds you well.

Today’s post will be about nails, and more specific about a nail polish that I’ve loved it.

If there is something I can not give up here in Canada, it is a Brazilian habit to get the nails done every single week, and as you know manicure and pedicure here it is very expensive, so I learned to get my nails done by myself, so every single Sunday I make sure to have one hour for nails.

The nail polish I chose this week it is the Gel Finish from Avon in the color Barely There, and because it is a gel finish you don’t need to apply base coat and topcoat.

It is a very delicate and elegant nude color, that matches most of the outfits and makeup, perfect for office and everyday wear, and what I like most it is a nude nail polish but that kind of nude that still showing that you have some color on your nails.heart

I used 2 coats to get the results below:


The formula applied like butter, and the shine it is something that really surprises me (I didn't use base coat or top coat).

So how do you like this post? Please leave a comment below; I would love to know your opinion.

Ohhhhh, BTW I am planning to do more videos and posts in English for my English speakers friends out there, so by the end of this week the blog will have two address who will be direct to the same page: and also this way will be easier for my Portuguese and English friends to communicate with me.

I really hope you like this post.




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  1. Ana Luisa disse:

    Maravilhosa, o que achou da duração desse esmalte na unha?

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